Why Kayaking Benefits the All-Round Health

Grad a paddle and enjoy the wide-ranging kayaking benefits and the serenity of nature at the same time.

Kayaking Benefits

Kayaking benefits

Here are six reasons why it benefits to pick up a paddle:

Activity for all levels of fitness

Kayaking is a fun activity that can be enjoyed by paddlers from all walks of life and all levels of fitness. It can provide fabulous physical and mental benefits, offers the opportunity to explore nature’s most stunning sites, and makes it possible to meet great people.

Using a kayak is great in groups, with friends, couples, or singles. Plus, the commitment to kayaking can be as often as you prefer – there is no need to go every week.

By joining a kayaking club it is possible to go on weekend excursions (local or international) or take part in a wide range of fitness groups.

Physical benefits

A regular kayaking session is certain to help improve the level of fitness as well as the emotional well-being. Kayaking provides plenty of benefits, including:

  • Core muscles are given a great workout
  • Low-impact exercise
  • Strengthens the core muscles, back, shoulders, arms, and legs
  • Great at toning and building muscle definition
  • Helps to control weight and burn calories

Great way to start the day

Kayaking provides a calm and relaxing way to start the day with the ability to paddle in the fresh air and absorb nature.

Whether it is a paddle on open waters, harbors, lakes, or other calm waters, it is certain to be possible to refresh the mind, body, and soul on a kayaking adventure.

While out paddling on the peaceful waters, it is possible to switch off the concerns and fully focus on the activity at hand.

Beyond the great scenery, it might also be possible to sit and watch the local marine wildlife in its natural environment.

Adventure at ALL levels

Whether it is watching the wildlife, exploring new areas, or racing the rapids, ALL forms of kayaking can be highly enjoyable and a great adventure.

While it is necessary to start the paddling experience on the calm waters, with some lessons and experience it soon becomes possible to progress to the more adrenaline fueled whitewater kayaking.

Get out and enjoy nature

Paddling out on the river, lake, or an ocean gives the opportunity to get up close to nature and watch the native wildlife, fish, and birds.

Kayaking in open waters means it is possible to stay connected with the wide-ranging presence of nature.

Low-cost activity

If wishing to minimize the initial investment to start kayaking, most of the kayaking clubs offer the ability to rent a preferred type of kayak and related equipment.

Plus, to help learn the proper kayaking techniques it can help to have one or two lessons or alternatively go on one of the clubs scenic tours in a group. Shop around to get the best prices to hire out the essential supplies.

For $30 per hour it is possible to hire the sit-in or sit-on-top kayak, paddle, and must-have safety equipment (including clothing).

A regular kayaker might find it practical to invest in personal seasonal clothing and a paddle to ensure it gives the most appropriate fit.