Kayaking Utah: Best Kayaking Trips in Utah

Kayaking Utah waters are certain to be explored with the beautiful scenery and clear waters.

Lake Powell

Whether it is for the old or young, skilled or beginner, or those preferring calm or fast-flowing rapids, this state is fortunate to have a variety of rivers and lakes perfect for a raft, canoe, or kayak.

Kayaking Utah

Here are four of the popular places to kayak in Utah:

Bear Lake

Bear Lake is a popular destination for sea kayaking and includes some of the finest blue waters to explore in the state. Great rental places are found on the coastline of Bear River and in Garden City.

A preferred area to kayak includes Rendezvous Beach which is also great for other outside activities, such as camper cabin rental, fast food grills, and boat rentals.

Bear Lake gives access to a variety of inlets for ease in launching a kayak.

Lake Powell

Lake Powell is a top vacation destination with 2M+ people visiting to experience the wide-ranging recreational activities including kayaking.

This part of Utah has a stunning man-made lake and pristine landscape for canoeists and kayakers. Some of the great features in the local area include:

  • Twisted gorges
  • Quiet, secluded beaches
  • Clear-blue water
  • Fragile waterfalls
  • Narrow canyons to explore
  • Sheer canyon walls
  • Many ancient Anasazi ruins to visit

With the calm waters, far-reaching shoreline, and many canyons, Lake Powell provides a place of beauty that is perfect to explore in a kayak or similar human-powered raft.

Paddling on this lake is possible with either the privately owned or rented kayak. The size of Lake Powell means the kayaking adventure can take three or four hours, a full day, or multiple days over the course of a longer vacation.

There are multiple launch sites at Lake Powell with easily accessible places, including Halls Crossing, Bullfrog Marian, and Glen Canyon National Recreation Area.

Some of the launch sites can be busy in the vacation season, so a visit to somewhere like Antelope Point Marina might be appealing for those in search of a quieter destination.

Provo River

The Provo River is situated in the region of Provo Canyon and provides a perfect kayaking destination for those interested in whitewater rafting.

Even though the rapids aren’t the biggest, they can come at once and often appear stacked on top of one another. Great features of Provo River are the stunning scenery set in the canyon setting.

A paddling session on the Provo River can last up to two hours – although water levels can have an impact on using certain stretches of the river.

Kayaking trips are both guided and self-guided and it is possible to use personal or rented paddling machines.

Utah Lake

A visit to Utah Lake is perfect for those interested in calm, relaxing waters for the entire family.

Kayakers can launch their own kayak or use one of the rental options. The waters in certain areas can be quite shallow which makes a great place for complete beginners to start out in this fun and engaging pastime.

Great places to launch on this stretch of water include Lindon Marina, Saratoga Springs Marina, American Fork Marina, and Provo Marina.