Kayaking South Florida: 6 Places to Go Kayaking

Kayaking South Florida is a perfect destination for the active traveler wishing to explore the beautiful beaches, endless coastline, warm, clear water, and exotic eco-system.

Loxahatchee River

Kayaking South Florida

Here are six of the best places to kayak in South Florida for a fun, active, and interesting time:

Gables Waterway

The Coral Gables canal is a man-made water source and a perfect spot to paddle through some of the finest neighborhoods in the district.

Great features of the kayak trip include the scenery with the natural limestone and wildlife, including kite, anhinga cormorant, heron, ibis, and egret.

Plus, there is even a chance of seeing a manatee. Both self padding and guided eco-adventure tours are available in the local area.

John D. MacArthur Beach State Park

The John D. MacArthur Beach State Park is situated in North Palm Beach to provide stunning views and wildlife.

It has mostly saltwater marshes which are largely exposed and give little protection from the sun. Plus, it is possible for the seasoned kayaking to visit the waters in the Lake Worth Lagoon for an enjoyable and open paddle.

Loxahatchee River

The Loxahatchee River gives the ability to kayak one of the designated wild and scenic rivers in the state of Florida. This river stretches about 10 miles with the trips starting from Palm Beach County.

The freshwater section of the river is upstream and passes through Jonathan Dickinson State Park and its shady cypress forest. Great features of this trip include the wildlife with birds, otters, and alligators to admire.

Once the trip reaches the saltwater the river starts to be become much wider with red mangroves on the banks and ospreys overhead.

A great place to launch the private paddling machine is at Riverbend Park. Alternatively, there are several kayak outfitters to rent a kayak for the duration of the trip.

Middle River

The Middle River is a highly popular destination for kayakers and those on Paddleboards, this urban waterway is situated in Fort Lauderdale.

There are several reliable kayak outfitters in the local area to rent the kayak or SUP. Plus, there is the option to launch the private kayak at Colohatchee Park in Wilton Manors.

Oleta River

The Oleta River is a free-flowing river that stretches 6 miles and passes through the urban region of North Miami-Dade County.

This urban setting means the river is lined with properties for a good length of the river – although there is an area from Sunny Isles to Diefenbach bridges at 1.5 miles that is less populated and appears much like the Everglades.

Great features of the kayaking tour include jumping mullet, occasional manatee, ospreys, and huge mangroves.

Kayaking at Oleta River is available on a self or guided tour with the option to launch at the Oleta River State Park.

West Lake

West Lake is rich in mangrove areas to provide a peaceful location for kayak with lots of bird life in the local area. This is the most significant mangrove eco-system in the region.

Kayaks are easy to rent in the local area and give a perfect opportunity to explore the natural waters.