Kayaking Oregon: Paddling Oregon in Style

Kayaking Oregon rivers make it possible to experience a superb outdoor adventure with waters available for both the beginner and pro kayakers.

Rogue River

Paddle on the Willamette River for a calm and relaxing time, while the Rogue and Deschutes rivers are more favored by those preferring the fast flowing rapids.

Kayaking Oregon

Here are six of the top-rated places to kayak in Oregon:

Alton Baker Canal

The Alton Baker Canal at 2 miles in length flows between Springfield and Willamette River to give a perfect kayaking spot for ALL experience levels.

These waters are also a perfect spot for kayak fishing and stocked with hatchery trout.

The canal has a variety of rental options with a choice to rent stand-up paddle boards, kayaks, and canoes.

Columbia River

The Columbia River is a huge body of water and can provide an enjoyable kayaking experience.

It is situated at the northern end of Portland and provides the state border between Washington and Oregon. Because of the huge size of the Columbia River there are a variety of areas to explore and many things to admire.

This river will have a lot of commercial boat traffic, including cargo vessels. While this river is great for kayaking, it isn’t the most practical choice for those searching a quiet and calm retreat to experience nature.

Rogue River

Rogue River is situated in southern Oregon and flows for approx 43 miles to provide endless rapids for a scenic and wild ride.

Even though this Oregon river is challenging, it is still a practical choice for the beginner and pro alike.

Great features along the course of the river which takes the kayaker into the Cascade Mountain is the wildlife including Canadian geese, deer, great blue heron, and osprey.

Scappoose Bay

Scappoose Bay feeds the Columbia River and is situated approx 25-minutes NW of the city of Portland. It is a quiet and attractive destination that’s perfect for the nature enthusiast and packed with wildlife.

Great attractions include the bald eagles and blue herons. Plus, this is a great spot to kayak fish in season for salmon and steelhead.

Siuslaw River

The Siuslaw River gives access to perfect kayaking waters that stretch 30 miles and flows between Mapleton and the ocean on the central Oregon coastline.

A preferred section for day-trips is between Florence and Mapleton. But check the tides and the weather report before setting out, because certain sections of the river are difficult at times. Plus, this river has regular motorized traffic with large fishing boats and barges seen.

Great features of the Siuslaw River include the wildlife which consists of salmon, blue herons, osprey, and sea otters.

Sparks Lake

Sparks Lake is one of the most secluded and beautiful lakes in the region, and packed with wildlife. It is a great destination for fly fishing with the proper kayak and supplies.

This lake is rich in places to explore with plenty inlets to investigate. Plus, Sparks Lake has a no motor rule which means a kayaker can enjoy the natural wonder without being disturbed by the noise of power boats.

Also, this lake can get quite busy throughout the tourist season.