Kayaking New York: 5 Places to Kayak in NY

New York City has plenty of natural open spaces to enjoy, including its rivers and lakes.

Cranberry Lake

A preferred place to kayak might not be that far away, and kayak rentals range from cheap to free.

Kayaking New York

Here are five of the best places to kayak in New York:

Letchworth State Park

Letchworth State Park is situated 35 miles SW of Rochester and approx 17.2 miles in length and spans 14359 acres.

It includes the Genesee River, which is a perfect destination for kayakers at all levels. But for the beginners, it might benefit to rely on the guided tours to help navigate some of the difficult water that includes rocks and rapids.

Great features in the local area include the stunning scenery and wildlife. The river is surrounded with rich woodland and canyons, while eagles are seen soaring above.

Beaver Lake Nature Center

The Beaver Lake Nature Center is about 15 minutes NW of Syracuse, NY and covers 661 acres. A relaxing kayaking session can be enjoyed at Beaver Lake which is rich in natural beauty and wildlife.

Great wildlife to watch out for includes osprey, herons, turtles, and beavers. Use of personal kayaks is restricted to weekdays only, but vessels are available on a rental basis at $10 per hour.

Plus, this nature center has 9 miles of a well-maintained trail system for a relaxing hike.

South Sandy Creek

The South Sandy Creek is situated in Lewis and Jefferson counties and a small tributary to Lake Ontario.

Kayaking at South Sandy Pond gives a beautiful 2 mile stretch of calm waters to enjoy before arriving at the shoreline of Lake Ontario and its sandy beach – great for a picnic or to stretch the legs.

This trip is quiet, easy, and pleasant with natural settings that is partly marshland and partly overhang.

Little Sodus Bay

Little Sodus Bay is situated in a lakeside bay at Fair Haven in the town of Sterling and stretches about 2 miles in length. Its waters are protected from strong winds coming from Lake Ontario, which makes is a perfect destination for kayaking adventures.

Little Sodus Bay provides quiet and tranquil waters which aren’t too congested but there will be sailboats nearby.

A stunning spot for kayaking in the local area is Chimney Bluffs State Park with is pristine water and dramatic surrounding landscape.

Cranberry Lake

Cranberry Lake is situated in St. Lawrence Country and at 11 sq miles has the ability to provide a variety of recreational activities, including kayaking.

Even though it main body of water can get quite rough at times, there are plenty of quiet coves and inlets which are great for exploring with a paddle craft. A great launch site is at Wanakena which helps to bypass a lot of the traffic buildup.

Great features of the Oswegatchie River and surrounding waters include the wildlife and scenery. Plus, there are plenty of camping and hiking trails in the region to explore if wishing to engage in some shore-based activities.