Kayaking Indiana: Best Kayaking in Indiana

Kayaking Indiana provides endless hours of exercise, relaxation, and fun with a number of scenic rivers and lakes.

Big Pine Creek

Indiana has plenty of trails, beaches, and coastline to explore and a great place to have water-based fun for the entire family.

Kayaking Indiana

Here are eight of the best places to kayak in Indiana

Big Pine Creek

Big Pine Creek is rated as the only real destination to experience whitewater kayaking in the state of Indiana.

It is situated near Lafayette and gets faster flowing water as a result of rainfall and melt water throughout the start of the season (April/May). But, later in the year the water level can lower to levels that aren’t sufficient for kayaking.

Blue River

The Blue River in southern Indiana is perfect for those searching the more remote regions and rich in clean waters, lush-green scenery, historical attractions, caves, and a variety of wildlife to admire.

The river is bordered by limestone walls and covered with shrubs and trees. The start of the river begins in Washington Country and is certain to give a kayaking Indiana spot that gives peace and solitude.

Eagle Creek Reservoir

The Eagle Creek Reservoir is great for the adventurous who like the fast moving currents, while also having access to stretches of flat water.

Whether a beginner or pro, these waters are certain to thrill ALL kayakers no matter the level of experience. Also, for the complete beginner, there are guided paddle tours.

Lost Creek

Lost Creek is perfect for the kayakers that wish to get lost in the beautiful surroundings of nature. The creek is lined with trees that overhang the gentle flowing water.

Plus, this area is rich is wildlife with a chance to watch and admire turtle, alligator, and feral pigs.

Salt Creek

Salt Creek, at 24 miles in length, is a great destination for a solo or a group kayaking trip with its remote location and scenic views.

Plus, it is rich in wildlife with a chance to watch beavers, deer, and bald eagle soaring overhead.

Sugar Creek

Sugar Creek flows through several state parks (Turkey Run State Park and Shades State Park) and one of the most scenic destinations to visit for those planning on a relaxing kayaking session.

Sugar Creek has a lot of calm water, which is perfect for the beginners. Plus, there are several outfitters in the region to provide access to equipment and shuttles to kayak the creek.

White River (West Fork)

The White River (West Fork) is a great destination for a relaxing paddle with a preferred trip, including the waters from Waverly to Henderson’s Ford Bridge.

The river is lined with oak, river birch, and sycamore trees, while the area is also rich in wildlife with herons, foxes, ducks, cranes, and Canada geese.

Wildcat Creek

Wildcat Creek is a scenic river at 84 miles in length in north central Indiana and flows from Kokomo to Lafayette. The waterways in the region provide a variety of recreational activities including kayaking the scenic waters.

Great wildlife opportunities along the river include deer, kingfishers, turtles, owls, and blue herons.