Kayaking in Miami: Places to Kayak in Miami

Kayaking in Miami gives the perfect opportunity for beginner to seasoned kayakers to explore a wide variety of waters from the exciting open seas, quiet bays, exotic mangroves, to the wild Florida Everglades.

Kayaking in Miami

Plus, there a great number of potential launch sites for the intended trip include state parks, beaches, and municipal boat ramps.

With water sources across Miami, there is certain to be a spectacular destination to match the wishes of those who paddle kayaks.

Kayaking in Miami

Here are five of the best places to kayak in Miami:

Chicken Key

Chicken Key is a perfect destination for a relaxing and nature filled paddling session. This bay is a 7-acre mangrove island with an off shore bird rookery.

This area is rich in mangrove forests and sand dunes with waters that vary from sea-grass beds, tidal flats, and sand bars. A kayaking session in Chicken Key gives access to the great scenery and marine wildlife with a number of bird species as well as sea turtles and manatees. These waters are great for both the complete beginner to complete pro.

There is also the opportunity to sign-up for a guided tour in the bay to make it possible to learn more about the ecological facts. Plus, it is even possible to go on nighttime adventures to appreciate the bay in the peacefulness of the moonlight.

Coral Gables Waterway

Paddling the Coral Gables Waterways has the ability to provide a fascinating time with a combination of historic landmarks and natural vistas to explore.

Plus, this kayaking trip is perfect for those wishing to see a varied mix of marine wildlife.

Proper gear for this type of padding session includes closed-toe shoes, sunglasses, hats, and high-strength sunscreen.

Indian Key

Exploring the pristine islands of Indian Kay in a kayak is certain to provide a truly memorable time.

A guided tour makes it possible to have a complete eco adventure with waters full of marine wildlife and crystal-clear waters with coral reefs to admire. Plus, the guides will reveal the wide-ranging historic events related to island.

Key Biscayne

A visit to Key Biscayne makes it possible to explore the mangrove forests with the wide-ranging marine wildlife and reptile life. Great wildlife in the region includes the egrets, herons, white ibis, brown pelicans, and a series of tropical coastal birds.

Use the guided tours to get a better appreciation of this barrier island and what nature has to offer.

In addition to the kayaking and white sandy beaches, Key Biscayne has a variety of other recreational activities to explore outdoors, including sailing, windsurfing, kite boarding, and fishing.

Oleta River

Oleta River is part of Biscayne Bay and forms part of Florida’s largest urban park.

This kayaking trip gives the opportunity to explore a natural river system rich in native Florida plants and wildlife. It has a stunning mangrove forest preserve and wildlife like osprey, white ibis, and heron.

Besides the kayaking in Miami trip, a visitor to the camps at Oleta River can rent an air-conditioned cabin for the night to enjoy the longer overnight stay.