Kayaking Dry Bag: What to Pack

A kayaking dry bag packed with practical and safety supplies is certain to mean a paddling session is more successful.

Kayaking Dry Bag

Kayaking dry bag supplies

Here are nine of the must-not-forget dry bag supplies:

1 – Bottled Water

It is essential to stay hydrated while involved in a physical activity. Similar to keeping the back-up food supplies in the dry bag, it can also benefit to leave a bottle of water in the pack to ensure there is easy access to liquid refreshment in the event of forgetting to pick up a new bottle. Even having to drink an old bottle of water is better than no alternative.

2 – Duct tape

Duct tape is a versatile piece of kit with a variety of useful functions. Use the tape to make a quick repair to the kayak hull or other part that might suffer damage on the water. A small travel roll is usually more than enough.

3 – Emergency Blanket

An emergency blanket is a perfect addition to the dry bag if planning to paddle in cold air or water temperatures. Use the lightweight aluminum blankets to help in difficult situations. If caught up in an emergency, the blanket should be able to help retain the body’s radiant heat, which should be kept at about 80 percent.

4 – Energy Bar

Packing extra food in the dry pack is certain to help keep the energy up. A dry bag can be used to store back-up supplies in the event of forgetting to bring the main supplies. But, remember to check on the kit left in the dry bag to ensure none of it goes out-of-date.

5 – Firestarter

Pack in a fire-starting device such as a lighter, matches, or other purpose-made tool. If you are stranded ashore, a fire starter is certain to simplify the process of getting a fire up and running.

6 – First Aid Kit

A well-stocked (and up-to-date) first-aid kit is certain to be a practical piece of kit when away from civilization. A compact pouch is preferred for packing in the kayak. Avoid the box type kits which can be quite bulky. Use a first-aid kit at a size that matches the needs and is able to easily fit the dry bag.

7 – Hand towel

A hand towel can provide plenty of useful services while out kayaking. It can help to dry the hands before using a camera or other electronic device or it can help to dry a wound before using a plaster or bandage. A preferred hand towel is the quick-drying towels that dry fast and easy to wring out.

8 – Multi-Tool

A multi-tool or fixed blade knife is a reliable option to help with most types of repairs. Use the multi-tools to cut through something, reshape or bend a section of metal, tighten screws on the kayak, or similar such repairs.

9 – Whistle

A LOUD whistle is a must-have piece of kit to help signal others in times of distress. Most of the latest PFD (personal flotation devices) come with a whistle attached, but it might still benefit to pack a spare in the dry bag.