Kayaking Delaware: 6 Place to Visit

Kayaking Delaware state parks give a great opportunity to paddle the scenic waters and admire the diverse scenery.

Brandywine Creek

Plus, the waters are rich in marine wildlife including otters, dolphins, turtles, horseshoe crabs, and schools of fish.

Delaware’s state parks provide calm ponds to water trails with distances ranging from short for the beginners to long for the skilled kayakers.

A perfect destination for the beginner is Lums Pond State Park and Cape Henlopen State Park. For the pro paddler, a visit to the Trap Pond State Park might be a more practical option.

Kayaking Delaware

Here are six of the popular places to kayak in Delaware:

Brandywine Creek (Brandywine Creek State Park)

Brandywine Creek has an easy to moderate difficulty rating with calm creek waters which are bordered by trees.

Great features of this kayaking trail, at 6 to 7 miles in length, is the scenery (granite outcroppings and rolling hills) and bird and wildlife opportunities.

Certain waters in this creek might limit paddling activity because of low-water levels.

Coastal Bays (Delaware Seashore State Park)

The Coastal Bay area is perfect for the kayakers at ALL paddling levels with waters available for the complete beginner to skilled.

This is a great opportunity to paddle the shallow waters at Little Assawoman Bays, Indian River, and Rehoboth. Great features in the local area include Ospreys flying overhead and horseshoe crabs below.

Delaware Seashore State Park can get strong tidal currents so make sure to check the wind, tides, and weather forecast before setting out.

Delaware Bay (Cape Henlopen State Park)

The Delaware Bay is a further stretch of water rated with a difficulty level or easy to moderate and includes paddling to the Henlopen Lighthouse, the Inner Breakwater, or the Point.

Great features on this 1 to 3 mile stretch of water include dolphins, horseshoe crabs, and schools of minnows. This is a great spot for those interesting in gaining a front roll seat for bird and wildlife viewing.

Tides, wind, and weather reports should be checked before using these waters.

Killens Pond (Killens Pond State Park)

A kayaking Delaware destination with an easy difficulty rating is certain to include Killens Pond, which takes you upstream to Murderkill River.

This stretch of water is in the region of 2 to 4 miles with this relaxing water perfect for admiring the local wildlife (basking turtles and deer), as well as plenty of lily pads.

Lums Pond (Lums Pond State Park)

Lums Pond is a relaxing destination to go paddling with waters rated as easy and giving access to approx 200 acres.

Great features of this kayaking destination are the calm waters for paddling, bird watching opportunities, wildlife views, and fishing options.

Trap Pond (Trap Pond State Park)

A visit to the Trap Pond gives access to the 95 acres of water that leads towards the swamp with its wide-ranging mystery and beauty.

This kayaking session is certain to give great views with the pond filled with bald-cypress trees and filled with heron, turtles, and more.