Kayaking Arkansas: Places to Go Kayaking

Kayaking Arkansas has something for everyone with more than 9,000 miles of rivers, lakes, and streams to explore in the paddle boat.

Kayaking Arkansas

The class of paddling adventures in Arkansas is amazing, and ranges from peaceful trips on the calm waters for the complete beginner to perfect trout fishing spots, and Class IV rapids for the whitewater adventures.

The lakes and rivers in Arkansas are loaded with wildlife and natural beauty. Watch native birds and wildlife or experience the quiet coves and open waters.

Whether the preferred kayaking adventure is the peaceful flat waters or whitewater, the wide-ranging State Parks in the area are certain to be able to provide a paddling adventure to match the skill level.

Kayaking Arkansas

Here are three of the popular places for complete beginners (Class I) to go kayaking in Arkansas:

Big Piney

Big Piney Creek is situated in the Franklin and Johnson Counties of northwestern Arkansas and approx 67 miles in length. The waters are rated Class I to III with the more difficult waters restricted to the skilled whitewater paddlers.

Big Piney Creek is one of the most attractive kayaking spots in the state.

A lot of the Piney is based in the more remote and rugged regions of the state and have few communities in the local area.

Big Piney Creek offers a plenty of recreational activities, including:

  • Camping
  • Fishing
  • Hunting
  • Kayaking
  • Relaxing
  • Swimming

The clear, cool waters in the river make a perfect spot for the kayak angler with a choice to hook the smallmouth bass.

Cadron Creek

Cadron Creek is situated in Cleburne, Faulkner and Conway Counties and a perfect destination for those wishing to venture out on a kayaking or camping trip.

Paddling skill and ability can vary with waters rated Class I & II, but the beginner kayaker is certain to get a perfect experience on these waters, while also admiring the occasional wildlife.

Plus, there are plenty of boat rental companies serving the local area with a choice to hire the sit-on top kayaks at a cost of approx $35 per day.

Eleven Point

Eleven Point River is situated in northern Arkansas and fed by multiple springs throughout the year to give a perfect destination for paddling adventures.

The river flows southward and directly through the Mark Twain National Forest to help provide some stunning scenery.

Eleven Point river flows at a steady pace in many areas throughout the state of Arkansas and floatable year-round. Plus, the forest setting of the river makes a perfect site for camping and overnight stops on the river bank.

The U.S. Forest Service takes responsibility for maintaining river access, hiking trails, and float camps.

Strawberry River

Strawberry River is situated in north central Arkansas and its calm waters make a perfect destination for a family kayaking adventure.

Great features of the Strawberry River include the opportunity to fish for smallmouth bass, interesting scenery, and convenient access.

This river is rated as Class I to II with most of the paddling activity taking place on a 22 mile stretch between Evening Shade and Poughkeepsie.

Most of the riverbanks are lined with thick woodland which limits visibility to the actual river, which has a green milky tint.