Kayaking Alabama: Scenic Places to Kayak

Kayaking Alabama is perfect with the choice of large water areas, streams, and rivers to practice the paddling skills.

Alabama Scenic River Trail

With the wide-ranging wilderness areas in the state of Alabama and its great bodies of water, Alabama is certain to provide some enticing places to go kayaking.

Kayaking Alabama

Here are six of the best destinations to go kayaking in Alabama:

Alabama Scenic River Trail

Spanning the entire state, the Alabama Scenic River Trail begins its journey at the Georgia state line and travels through Alabama to reach Fort Morgan as its final destination.

In the process of flowing through the state it passes through nine lakes, two creeks, and seven rivers. Most of these bodies of water are perfect for kayak adventures.

The Alabama Scenic River Trail is one of the longest water trails in the entire U.S. Great features along the course of the river include the cliffs, wildlife preserves, and the Delta.

Gulf of Mexico

Alabama’s coastline has the relatively calm waters of the Gulf of Mexico, which is a perfect destination for the beginner and skilled kayaker alike.

Without going out too far the waters are quite shallow with gentle waves which makes it a practical choice to improve general paddling techniques or getting a great introduction to sea kayaking.

Bartram Canoe Trail

The Bartram Canoe Trail flows through the largest wetland and river delta in the state of Alabama known as the Mobile-Tensaw River Delta.

This delta is believed to cover approx 260,000 acres in a 10 by 40 mile stretch. This includes a wide-range of bayous, rivers, lakes, and marches. It is rated the 6th largest estuary in the U.S.

Because of the size of this body of water, it benefits to use the available trail markers and maps to navigate the area.

Sand Island

Sand Island is situated near Dauphin Island and a perfect destination for kayakers in search of open waters. A kayaking trip is great when paddling on the bay side of the main island.

This is a wonderful part of Alabama for those wishing to get a better experience of the Gulf. Paddling adventures in this region are great for seeing amazing sights like pelicans and dolphins swimming.

Plus, this area is great for bird watchers because there is a bird sanctuary nearby.

Navy Cove

Navy Cove is situated in Mobile Bay to give a unique kayaking experience because of the Gulf of Mexico’s salt water mixes with the fresh water of the Mobile River.

The brackish environment created by the intermingled waters makes a diverse playground for a wide range of wildlife with many rarely seen in other parts of the country.

This is a great setting for kayaking and perfect for all skill levels.

Lake Guntersville

Lake Guntersville, at 75 miles in length, is the largest lake in the state of Alabama. It has approx 65,000 acres of water and a perfect destination for kayaking, fishing, and nature watching.

Plus it has plenty of launch sites and camp sites in the local area. Use the less-traveled areas if planning to go kayak fishing.