Best Places to Kayak in Florida

The best places to kayak in Florida are scattered throughout the state with its countless lakes, ponds, rivers, and miles of coastlines.

Oleta River State Park

Plus, Florida offers year-round kayaking weather with average temperatures in the region of mid 60’s for the winter months to high 80’s and mid 90’s in the summer months (June, July, and August).

Best places to kayak in Florida

Here are seven of the best kayaking in Florida destinations:

Anastasia State Park

A visit to Anastasia State Park gives a perfect opportunity to explore the tidal salt marsh at Salt Run with its diverse eco-system and abundant wildlife.

Overall the park includes 1600 acres of land to explore with a wide variety of land based activities also available to enjoy.

Great wildlife in the area includes wading birds, shorebirds, and dolphins.

Frog Creek

For a quiet and relaxing kayaking session, a visit to Frog Creek should feature high on the list of next places to explore.

This waterway is rich in palmetto and cypress trees and include wildlife like water moccasins and alligators, so be a bit cautious when paddling these waters.

A great place to start this adventure is at Terra Ceia Bay beach.

Haw Creek Preserve

Situated in north Florida, the Haw Creek Preserve is a great paddling destination for those that like fishing and exploring from a kayak.

At 1015 acres a visit to this preserve is certain to provide a wide variety of things to explore both on land and in the water. Great features in the region include the scenery with canopies of palm and oak trees, and wildlife like bald eagles, wild hogs, and alligators.

For the kayak fishing enthusiast the water is rich in bowfin, bluegill, warmouth, and black crappie.

Oleta River State Park

A visit to the Oleta River State Park (near Ft. Lauderdale) is certain to provide a kayaking paradise with its stunning natural scenery and beautiful emerald green waters.

There is a charge to enter the park ($2 to $6 – based on vehicle size) so make sure to pack enough change in the pack.

A kayak is available to rent at Blue Moon Outdoor Center or it is possible to launch the private kayak.

Rainbow Springs State Park

A must-paddle destination in Florida is certain to include the crystal-clear waters at Rainbow River.

These waters are perfect for the complete beginner to seasoned kayaker and have great scenery with plenty of wildlife to admire.

Rock Springs Run

The Rock Springs Run is situated in Longwood, Florida and rich in both scenery and wildlife. Explore these swamps, pine flat woods, and sand pine scrub for a relaxing time.

The preferred time for visit Rock Springs Run for a quieter time is through the week with the water quite congested throughout the weekends.

Turkey Creek

A kayak tour of Turkey Creek is a must-see destination for the more adventurous explorers. It is about 9 miles in length and situated on Eglin Reservation.

The waters are lined with trees that overhang and it has shallow and sandy bottoms.